Eating Disorders in Children and Effective Treatment Methods


Eating disorders in children are the same as adult eating disorders. When we say eating disorders, even if adults come to mind, eating disorders in children are not to be underestimated. The diagnosis of this disease should be made early and treatment should be started as soon as possible. Eating disorders in children can be passed on from adults, as well as psychological factors can have these eating disorders.

Eating disorders in children can be divided into many times. For example, a teen eating disorder is a dangerous period that covers adolescence.  Maybe they see themselves that way even though they are not overweight, or they might be bullied at school.

Many famous models can also affect children badly in terms of weight and appearance. This can also be called a teen eating disorder. Teens are more likely to see someone as an idol. They wear out both mentally and physically to have a certain appearance. Although children’s eating disorders were not widely known in the past, they are now more prominent

Eating Disorders in Children and Childhood Trauma

Eating Disorder in Children
Eating Disorder in Children

Eating disorders in children can complicate not only childhood but every period of their life. With the lack of self-confidence, they experience in childhood and adolescence, they experience trauma when an eating disorder occurs.

They experience psychological problems due to family pressure and bullying from their social circle. The lack of self-confidence goes up to adulthood and they start to have problems in their work and social lives. Therefore, precautions should be taken as soon as children’s eating disorders are noticed. Psychological support is needed because this disease has a connection with psychology.

Eating disorder and depression can occur with different effects in children. These effects, which become more evident with the effects of entering adolescence, will become more psychologically challenging over time. Start a process by paying attention to your child’s eating habits and the benefits of foods. It is very important to support your child in this process.

How Many Teens Have Eating Disorders?

Teens eating disorders have been on the rise recently. 90% of young girls struggle with this disease. Most teens with teens eating disorders also face depression. Or it could be the other way around. A depressed teenager encounters teens eating disorder. Rates vary according to the gender and interests of teens. As mentioned, if teen girls see the ‘ideal body shape’ of famous models on social media and they want to have such a body themselves, they will very likely suffer from teens eating disorders. The rate of eating disorders in boys is lower than in girls. Teen boys may have this problem again if they are bullied or if they had a childhood eating disorder. Moreover, depressed adolescents may starve themselves or eat very little food.

What are Some Common Childhood Eating Disturbances?

There are many diseases in eating disorders in children.
Major eating disorders include:
1-Anorexia(Wikipedia): Teens who eat less than a normal meal portion because they are afraid of gaining weight experience Anorexia.
2-Bulimia: It is a disease that starts with overeating and then vomiting, and continues with involuntary vomiting. The stomach does not accept food and those who have this disease vomit after eating.
There are also diseases like these. Teens acquire self-destructive habits to have a certain body shape. Eating disorders childhood trauma occur for many reasons such as these. Some celebrities have also had this disease. Some people starve themselves to lose weight or make themselves vomit after eating.

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