Causes of Lower Back Spasms – Treatment and Prevention – Lower Back Exercises at Home


Lower back spasms can result from a muscle injury, extreme fatigue, electrolyte imbalance, and overactivity of the body. Lower back spasm is painful, sudden, and involuntary contractions. Muscle spasms are an unexpected end when you try to suddenly make certain movements happen to the muscle tissues if you stay still for a long time. The region of the loin is the center of gravity of the body and affects most body movements.

Therefore, it is a region that is exposed to continuous and repetitive compelling movements. The back and shoulders are other areas where muscle spasms are seen intensely. Muscle spasms in lower back can cause different pains in our body. You may also feel a sharp pain in the form of burning or stinging. Lower back muscle spasm can also be caused by daily activities. If you work in a difficult job and make sudden movements during the day, short-term pain is normal.

When you just wake up, stay still for a long time, sit sweatily and your muscles get cold, the result of sudden movements you do without warming up causes muscles spasms. Just as we have strong muscles in our body, we also have weak ones. Our weak muscles are usually found around the waist. These weak muscles are not as resistant to sudden movements as strong muscles. In addition to sudden movements, long-term posture disorders also cause muscle spasm in lower back.

What is Good For Lower Back Spasm

Lower back spasm relief is available with exercises and medications that can be helpful. You can relieve pain caused by nerve entrapment with methods such as massage. Only injection therapy reduces the pain caused by muscle and spasms. Although cortisone injection helps to relieve pain, it is seen by doctors as a last resort. Lower back spasm treatment, relaxing ointment treatments, cortisone injection, painkillers, and it is necessary to get away from routine work and rest for 1 week.

Use your bed and quilt to create an elevation. You can perform some exercises to relax your damaged muscles. However, there is no method to relieve muscle pain. Keeping your aching area warm can help relieve the pain. Treatments such as hot and cold applications, and shock to the waist with electricity should be chosen according to the size of the pain.

Lower Back Spasm Symptoms

  • Numbness in legs and feet
  • Weakness
  • Backache
  • Back and leg pain
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Affects the balance
  • Pain when sitting and walking

What causes lower back spasms?

Lower back spasms pain, you need to pay attention to your movements. You should support your posture by sitting upright and standing upright. By losing weight, you will not put too much load on your spine. Lifestyle changes can save you from future back pain. Back spasms affect your work and life. Although there are methods to suppress the pain, pain, and spasm affect your life negatively. A gentle exercise program and relaxing your body can ensure that you never experience these pains. Being in the same position for a long time strains the lower back muscles.

What to do for lower back spasms?

  1. You need to organize your work and rest. Do not return to your routine work for 1 week.
  2. You need to keep your waist warm.
  3. You need to take a soothing ointment and apply it to the sore area 3 times a day.
  4. Lying on warm sand reduces pain.
  5. You can relax with water exercises by going to hot water centers such as spas.
  6. You can try to relieve pain with regular exercise and slow movements.

How to stop lower back spasms? 

  • The only thing that will stop the spasm pain is a gentle massage.,
  • Try to keep the area warm with a hot water bag.
  • Refresh the area with menthol ointment.

Lower Back Exercises at Home

1- Straight Leg Raise
Lie down, supporting your torso with your elbows. Keep one leg straight, the other leg bent at the knee and the sole of the foot on the floor. Contract the thigh muscles and slowly raise them 15-25 cm from the floor.

Lower Back Spasm Exercise – Step 1
Lower Back Spasm Exercise – Step 2

2 – Double Knee to Chest
Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor.Bring one knee to your chest and then the other. Don’t raise both legs together. After standing in this position for 20 seconds, you can do 2-3 sets.

Double Knee to ChestStep 1
Double Knee to ChestStep 2

How long does it take for lower back spasms to heal?

If your lower back spasm pain does not affect your routine work, you should rest for 3 days. You can shorten the treatment process by applying treatment methods consistently. Muscle spasms, which usually heal in 1 week, vary according to the severity of the pain. You need to rest a lot and apply treatment methods.

How to treat lower back spasms ?

Medication and rest: Although pain relievers are sufficient in some cases, compresses are required in chronic cases. Patients should gradually switch to their daily activities after resting over time.

Exercise and Physical Therapy: Strengthening the muscles and maintaining flexibility relieves back pain. Not every exercise can relieve your lower back pain. An incorrect exercise can also trigger pain in the waist and neck. Depending on whether the disease is chronic or temporary, exercise movements should be performed with care. Superficial heaters, deep heaters and currents are other comforting steps for patients suffering from low back pain.

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