Miraculous Effect Oxygen Facial – Benefits, Cost, Procedure


Oxygen facial is a non-medical treatment that makes your face look young and healthy. Our face needs moisture. With oxygen facial care, the moisture needed by our face is satisfied. The wrinkles around the eyes begin to decrease with this care. Oxygen facial is a treatment practiced by many people, including celebrities.Facial care is an issue that everyone who takes care of their personal care should pay attention to. When people complain about changes in their face as they get older, they apply for some care. One of them is oxygen facial care. No chemical products are applied to the face. That is why oxygen facials are non-medical care.

Oxygen infusion facial saturates your face with moisture, helps reduce wrinkles, and rejuvenates it. Oxygen facial accelerates blood flow and revitalizes the cells in your skin. This treatment has no side effects. Some celebrities, such as Madonna, are also known to have this care done before things like concerts or events. Oxygen facial benefits are numerous. It has many benefits, from moisture to rejuvenation.

A healthy and smooth skin is the first rule of beauty. Your personal care is an issue that you should pay attention to both in business life and in daily life. Taking the vitamins and minerals you need daily with a healthy diet will make your skin look brighter. The intake of zinc and similar minerals should be in a controlled manner.

Step By Step Oxygen Facial The Procedure

  • Skin Analysis: Your skin type is very important for the treatment to be applied. Improper treatment can cause skin irritation. After determining your skin type, care procedures are started.
  • Double Cleansing: 2-step skin cleansing is applied to remove the pollution on your skin. After moisturizing your skin, it is waited for a while and the next process is started.
  • Facial Scrub: Your face is purified by the effect of moisturizers. Facial lines are relaxed with the scrubbing process.
  • Facial Steaming: Steaming is done to reveal the pollution on your face.
  • Exfoliation & Extraction: The pollution of your steamed face is removed. With certain tools and hands, the dirt on your face is removed.
  • Face Massage: Massage techniques are applied to your tired skin after steam treatment and rubbing. After this relaxation session, oxygen facial procedure is performed.
  • Oxygen Jet Peel & Serum Insertion: Oxygenated care is given to your face, which is relaxed and purified from dirt.
  • Cream Mask with Vitamin C: In order for your skin not to lose vitamins, a procedure rich in vitamin C is applied after the procedure.

In the oxygen facial procedure, it is very important to examine your skin type in detail. A wrong treatment can make your face look bad. Decide by researching the place where you will have the procedure and your doctor in detail. In businesses, some applications may differ. It is a process that usually takes 60 – 90 minutes. You can plan the treatment by determining a weekly or monthly schedule.


What does an Oxygen Facial do?

  1. It gives shine to the skin: Thanks to the vitamins applied to the face, your skin will be moisturized and you will have a bright skin.
  2. It helps reduce acne : Oxygen is known to heal wounds. The use of masks during the pandemic increased acne on the face. 
  3. It reduces wrinkles : With the increase in blood circulation and collagen, wrinkles are reduced.
  4. More even skin tone: Your skin is loaded with plenty of vitamins and the color settings of your skin tone are equalized.

Oxygen facial for acne is important. Since enough moisture is applied to the face, it reduces acne. Oxygen destroys most harmful bacteria. It also soothes acne as it destroys acne-causing bacteria.

oxygen facial
oxygen facial

Is an oxygen facial worth it?

Oxygen facial has been shown to work. It has been seen to prevent wrinkles, brighten the skin and reduce acne. Even if there is no permanent solution, your skin will be healthy for a certain period of time.

How long do the benefits of an oxygen facial last?

People who have an oxygen facial for the first time see the result of the care immediately. Although dermatologists and doctors recommend applying it once a month, this period may vary according to the skin type of the person. So, one month may be enough. If you wish, you can apply it as a series on a weekly basis.

Is oxygen facial better than HydraFacial?

Oxygen facial vs hydrafacial is quite different. While pressurized oxygen is used in oxygen facial, various acids are used in hydrafacial. The only difference between the two is that salicylic and glycolic acids are used in hydrafacial. During the Hydrafacial, dead skin is also cleaned.

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