Where To Inject Botox For Brow Lift?


Where to inject botox for brow lift? It is a question that women and men wonder about the answer. Our eyebrows change our facial expression. A small operation on our eyebrows not only changes your facial expression but also gives a more well-groomed appearance. Attractiveness depends on your eye and eyebrow structure, as well as your gaze. You can apply different methods on your own to correct your eyebrow. After a certain point, there is a need for more permanent and effective methods of eyebrow lifting.

Botox Placement For Brow Lift

Botox placement for brow lift is generally started by analyzing the brow. The person should clearly indicate to the specialist what they want to have in the eyebrow structure. Then, the structure of the eyebrow is evaluated with the person, and it is given a more suitable structure for the face. Botox toxin is injected into the necessary areas of the eyebrow. Small and special needles are used in the process.

Things To Consider In Botox Placement For Brow Lift

  • The first step is to determine that you really need this operation.
  • The seconder stage is eyebrow design. Because everyone’s eyebrow shape is different for their own face. The eyebrow design, which will significantly change the facial expression, should be done carefully. For this, the calculation of the ratio should be done by a specialist.
  • The dose should be adjusted well in eyebrow lifting. Because botox injected more than necessary can distort the expression of the person and even cause an expressionless appearance.
  • Wait 1 week to get results. It will start to show its effect within a week.
  • As a result of the method, no scars are left on the skin.

It is very important to follow these steps before starting the botox placement process for brow lift. One wrong step can make a big difference to your appearance. We will share with you the doctors who are experts and experienced in their fields at the end of this article.

Eyebrow botox provides a more aesthetic appearance by eliminating the disproportions and lowness in the eyebrow structure.

Botox Eyebrow Lift Injection Sites

Where To Inject Botox For Brow Lift
Where To Inject Botox For Brow Lift

Botox eyebrow lift injection sites also stated differently by doctors. Eyebrow lift botox injection site the best recommended method is to inject it into the tail ends of the eyebrows. Our brow muscle, called the orbicularis oculi, looks like a string that is pulled down from the tip of the brow and pulled up from under the eye.

Relaxing the orbiculus muscle using botox substances neutralizes the pull down of the muscle and essentially affects the appearance of the eyebrow. Another point is to inject into the center of the forehead muscle (frontalis). It is based on relaxing the center of the muscle and moving the inner parts of this muscle, leaving the outer parts active. The large muscle on the forehead, the frontalis, runs from your hairline to the back of your eyelashes.

The purpose of this muscle on the forehead is to raise the eyebrows. Scientifically, botox injected into this muscle causes the muscle to relax and fall. Botox injected into the eyebrow muscle (orbicularis oculi) and forehead muscle (frontalis) helps these muscles to be paralyzed and to achieve the designed appearance over time.

Oxygen facial are recommended after botox treatment for most people who care about their skin health.

where to inject botox for brow lift

How many Botox areas are needed for a brow lift?

Generally, 2 areas are used to lift eyebrow. Places where botox will be injected to lift eyebrows;
The tip of the eyebrow arc: Orbicularis Oculi
Forehead center: Frontalis
After the person’s condition and eyebrow analysis are done, it is determined where the botox will be injected.

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